AMPlify your life!

Learn to persevere after amputation, adapt to your new circumstances, and create a balanced, purposeful life that fulfills you.

Life doesn’t end after limb loss.


You just want to go dancing, walk to the mailbox, or even take a shower without worrying HOW you’ll manage this time or wondering WHY this happened to you.


Here’s the thing...NORMAL is all a matter of perspective.


As an amputee, you long to return to a sense of normalcy.

Did you know?

  • You CAN do anything you did in life pre-amputation with modifications?

  • You CAN find connection with other limb loss survivors...and laugh together?

  • You CAN find purpose and meaning again in your life?

  • You CAN date and have relationships?

  • You CAN find peace within your mind and spirit?


The Problem Is…


  • Walking hurts and your prosthetic is clunky

  • Once simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, and driving overwhelm you or seem impossible.

  • You’re worried about how you can work again...and it takes so much longer just to get out the door.

  • Your friends and family try to support you...but they just don’t understand what you’re going through.

  • You’re scared about dating or never being able to laugh again


The fears and life changes that come with limb loss can set you into a negative spiral of isolation, sadness, and anxiety that keeps you locked in your room with the lights off watching all 20 seasons of Law and Order 

Regardless of the reason for amputation, losing a limb is terrifying. 


The vision you had for your life...gone. Early recovery involves pain, rehab, and needing to process this major life change.


Once you come out of the initial healing stages, you might wonder:


  • Will life feel normal again?

  • How can I drive again and keep my independence?

  • What about my career? I can’t sustain an 8 hour day due to pain and fatigue.

  • I’m afraid my loved ones will think that I’m a burden when I ask for help for the thousandth time.

  • How do I cope with people staring at me or asking what happened to my limb?

I’ve had all these same thoughts...and more. 


Before my amputation, I had a busy, active life. I worked full time as a social worker, was in a long term relationship, in good health, and very independent. Life changed forever for me when I had the amputation, but it wasn’t the end of my life. I found a great support network, worked hard on my rehab goals, and was able to get back to my life.


Does my life look different than it would have done before? Of course!


Is my life over? No way!


It’s Time to Look at Limb Loss Differently

You can change your perspective and love your new normal. 


There are big name advocates in the limb loss community. 


You want to have some fraction (large or small) of the exciting lives they live. 


Is it possible to be like them?


Guess what?


You can feel passionate about your life again! You might not be a famous Paralympian or on Dancing With the Stars, but... 

  • You can  have adventures. 


  • You can  accept all the emotions (good, indifferent and messy). 


  • You can get back to work or redefine your career.  


  • You can travel for fun or work.


  • You can  find ways to reconnect to Self or God. 


  • YOU can  be in charge of YOUR life again!

You have big hopes for your life. There are mind, body, and spirit changes you want to make to adapt to your new normal.  


You want to engage in better self-care and reconnect with your purpose and drive for living. You have the general picture of what you want in your life but are unsure how to make the changes.


That’s where I come in.

My name is Lindsay Boudreau (she/her), and I’m the limb loss survivors Clini-Coach®.

IMG_9053 copy-min_edited_edited.jpg

I am a clinical social worker, but more importantly, in my late 20s I had a Right Below Knee Amputation (RBKA).


Several months after my amputation, there was a limb loss group that started in my area. I loved receiving support from the other members. I began to provide peer support visits in hospitals and rehab centers. My career was still on the mental health track, so I opened a private therapy practice.

I love helping people feel better about their lives after amputation. I started thinking about how I could work more often with newer limb loss survivors and decided to create coaching programs that help you look at limb loss through a new lens. 

Can you really live life after limb loss?

Life may be hard for you right now. And you might be wondering what point is there to receiving coaching around changing your relationship to your life after amputation? 


Yes, life is hard. But you don’t have to live in that hard place forever. Working on self-care will help reduce stress. You'll work on creating joy, contentment, and strength.

But I don’t need therapy, do I? 


You might wonder if looking into coaching is a disguise for therapy. Yes, I am trained as a therapist. Some of the skills I learned impact my coaching. 


The difference is the coaching program is future-focused and guides you to create an action plan to live your best life! We will acknowledge your loss with the goal to stay hopeful as you write your own new chapter of your life.

When you work with me...


  • You will feel empowered and positive about life post-amputation.

  • You will gain support from a trained limb loss survivor to help reach your goals and dreams.

  • You’ll be more confident in being out in the world.


By joining one of my programs, you will be an active participant in your life and not on the sidelines anymore!

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
-Mary Oliver


The Your AMPlified Life Coaching Program

The Your AMPlified Life coaching program is designed to give you hope for your new normal, concrete tools to adjust to the physical and mental changes after limb loss, and an action plan to move forward in life.

You will receive:

  • 5 one-hour coaching sessions that give you individual interaction, share freely, and receive a personalized plan of action to AMPlify your thoughts and your life by the next session.

  • 5 guided meditations to relax and empower you in your limb loss journey

  • 5 worksheets to continue thinking about how you want to move forward in life

  • Expert strategies that help reframe your worries about limb loss

  • Tools to help you problem solve and get back to the activities you love

  • Exercises to practice the strategies and tools in between sessions and after program completion


You are not alone!

In my journey as a limb loss survivor, I experienced a lot of fears and concerns. I had family, friends, and a support group to encourage me and continue to grow. Some of my friends helped  me develop a new sense of humor around limb loss. Sure, there was a lot of uncertainty, yet I kept looking to do the next right thing in my recovery.


I was able to find peer support. Finding a professional that had lived experience was a dead end in my early recovery.


I decided to be a bridge between my personal and professional lives for limb loss survivors.

Your AMPlified Life Bonus Material

When you join my coaching program, you’ll receive the following bonuses:


Bonus 1: Weekly 15 minute live meditation circle to center yourself and boost your mood


Bonus 2: Goal accountability workbook to keep you on track with achieving your goals


Bonus 3: Mini-self care kit for a little extra fun in your life


You might feel nervous about committing to a program for many reasons: money, time, energy...


My program is time-limited to provide immediate action planning to improve self-care, decrease fears about limb loss, and actually living your life. 


Yes, the programs do cost money. You are not only paying for the session time but also for the materials I created. The guides and meditations supplement and enhance our work. I offer one scholarship slot per month in the group program.


If you're interested, schedule a free 20-minute consult call to see if we're a fit and get initial ideas on where to start our work together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to use the coaching sessions?

I’m unable to attend a meditation circle. Can I view it later?

What is your refund policy?


The Your AMPlified Life program includes:

  • 5 one-hour coaching sessions

  • 5 guided meditations

  • 5 worksheets

  • Expert tips, tools, strategies, and exercises

  • All 3 Bonuses


Still have questions? 

To see if the AMPlify Your Life Coaching Program is right for you, you can book a 20-minute phone call with me. 

You can also email me at or using the form below. 

Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you soon.